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Using Extensions To Create French Braid


A French braid is a great way of styling the hair that can give a beautiful look. It can be the right hairstyle if you are attending a special event at any time during the day. You must have a lengthy hair to get this hairstyle done in the right way, but those who have short hair can also use extensions to achieve this hairstyle. Purchase a good hair extension that is in the color of your natural hair to get a perfect look with the French braid.

To begin, first you must comb your entire hair with the extensions and take it near crown of the head. Then divide your hair extension into 3 sections from left side of your head over middle section and then take another small section from right side just over your middle section. Continue this process towards center of your head by alternating sides and try to include all of your hair. Try to braid you hair loosely to prevent the extensions from appearing on your hairstyle. It will also help to prevent any type of damage to your natural hair. Use the hair tie to secure your French braid at the end of your braiding process. Go to a hairstylist in case you are using the extensions for creating the French braid for the first time. At last use any hair accessories to make your hairstyle look amazing and match it with a perfect dress.

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