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Using Philips HP4696 To Straighten Hair


Philips HP4696 can be used to style your hair in different ways. It is available with different types of attachments that can help to create a straight, wavy or curly look in your hair. The following is one of the ways to make your hair straight with the help of Philips HP4696. Be very careful while using this tool as it will become too hot to handle.

First wash the hair using a shampoo that is mainly prepared for using it over the hair before the straightening process and dry it using a hair dryer. Once your hair gets dry fully apply a small amount of hair serum from top to end. Now take the Philips tool and add the attachment that is required to make your hair straight. Then plug it in an electric socket and wait for the signal for using it. Next take half inch hair section and open straightening attachment for pressing it over the hair. Avoid touching your scalp with the straightening tool as it can burn it. Gently pull the straightener from top to end of your hair and use the same method to make other hair sections straight as well. Once your hair becomes cool after the straightening process, apply a small amount of serum in your fingers for spreading it over the hair. Then brush the hair to make it smooth with only few strokes and don’t comb it too much as it can cause tangles in it.

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