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Ways To Color Your Dreads


Creating dreads in the hair can give an interesting and unique look, but by adding colors into them can make them look really amazing. The coloring process on your dreads is almost similar to the natural hair coloring, but there are few things that must be done during the styling. You must color the dreads that are about 10-12 weeks older. Consult a hair specialist before starting the dread coloring process as there are different things that must be done while coloring hem at home. Also avoid over-processing your dreads as they can easily damaged and use a recommended hair coloring package to get the color perfectly.

First wash the dreads normally using clarifying shampoo and cover the shoulder with waste cloth. Then take the color that is preferred for the dreads and consult a hairstylist if you don’t know which color to use. Once you have purchased the right coloring product, try to mix them properly by reading the instructions. Wear hand gloves and start applying the color over your dreads individually. Let the color be on your hair for the time mentioned on the coloring package and rinse the dreads normally till the water runs out clean from it. Avoid using the conditioner that is provided along with the coloring package as it will make your dreads loose. Finally dry the dreads as usual with a towel and apply small amount of gel over individual dreads to keep them conditioned.

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