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Steps To Wash Hair With Wheatgrass


Wheatgrass has high vitamins as well as nutrients that are known to provide various benefits to the hair. You can use this to wash the hair to get relief from itchy scalp and add shine into your hair. Try to use a wheatgrass juice to maintain it in its natural color without graying. Wheatgrass juice is the perfect option to maintain your hair and you can use it on daily basis for washing the hair in a natural way.

First get wheatgrass which is available at a local food store. Next take wheatgrass as small pieces in a mixer and take the juice in a small bowl. Now dampen your hair using water and start applying the wheatgrass juice all over the scalp. Then gently massage the wheatgrass juice from scalp to the hair using your fingertips and leave it on for just 3-5 minutes. Rinse the hair and apply a small amount of deep conditioner from top to end of the hair. Let the conditioner stay on your hair few minutes and rinse it again before styling your hair as usual. If you have wheatgrass juice remaining in the bowl, try to store in a refrigerator for using it again as it can be kept for at least 7 days. Follow the same method on regular basis and maintain your hair healthy as well as shiny. It is a perfect treatment for dull looking hair and to restore luster in it.

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