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Bella Swan Hairstyle


Bella Swan is a popular character from Twilight Saga film and books. Kirsten Stewart plays the role of Bella Swan in the films. It is easy to create this hairstyle by sitting at home by following these simple steps. Try to refer pictures of Bella Swan to make the hairstyle look perfect. Visit a hairstylist if you are not aware of this hairstyle, but referring the pictures is important to know how the hair looks. There is no need to use any special tools to achieve this style at home. You can just use hairstyling products such as blow dryer, curling iron, hair serum and a conditioner.

First you must have a lengthy hair like Bella Swan and color it into mahogany brown. Then use a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair type and leave it on for just 5 minutes. Next rinse the hair and make a middle part over the head when it still damp. Leave the hair to dry on its own if you have natural curls or try to dry it using a blow dryer. Now take the curling iron to create the curls in your hair and make sure that the curls are not too thick. Apply a small amount of finishing serum once you use a curling iron over the hair which will add more shine into it. Then add make-up over your face to make the hairstyle look perfect which must include lipstick, eye shadow and blush.

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