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Dealing With Knotty Hair At Night


Knotty hair can occur when you sleep during the night as the strands will get overlapped while turning in the bed. There are a number of ways to prevent the knotty hair, but make sure to consult a hair specialist if you face severe problem with your hair. The following are just simple steps to take care before going to sleep to avoid knots in the hair. These are just basic ways to maintain your hair without any knots.

Before styling your hair, try to condition it properly and flip the hair down for applying a small amount of detangling hairspray. Those who have a thick hair must apply a little amount of leave-in conditioner as it will make the hair smooth that can be brushed as usual with a normal comb. You must also secure the hair in such a way that it doesn’t get tangles while sleeping. While sleeping keep your head down on a fabric pillowcase to prevent the tangles. Avoid using synthetic fabrics and cotton pillowcase as it can create tangles as well as knots in the hair. Use just an elastic band or ribbon to create a hairstyle that can prevent the knots. Ask a hairstylist about creating the right hairstyle that can keep your hair intact. Try to cover your head with a silk scarf before going to bed. Just wrap your scarf around the head and make sure that your hair is secured under it.

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