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Touch Up Your Hair With Relaxer


The relaxers can be used to make your hair to look straight 4-6 weeks, but you must touch up the relaxers once in 3-4 to maintain the newly grown hair straight. The touch up is very important process and if you fail to do it in the right time your hair must undergo the relaxing from beginning. The following is a simple way to touch your hair relaxer. Try to test the relaxer by applying it over small strand of hair. Also avoid touching the relaxer on your scalp as it can affect the hair very badly. If possible visit a hairstylist to touch up the relaxer on your hair after the specified time.

First divide your hair into sections and secure them using clips. Now you can pull out the first section for applying relaxer over the hair roots without touching the ends. Make sure to cover the hair with the relaxer and leave it on for ten minutes. Next comb the hair with your hands for 5 minutes and make sure to read the instructions carefully during this time. Use a neutralizing shampoo for washing the hair after the relaxing process and apply a hair conditioner that was available along with the relaxer. At last rinse the hair normally and style it as usual. Try to wear hand gloves during your entire styling process and cover the shoulder with a cloth to prevent the relaxer from falling over your dress.

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