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Removing Henna Color Using Yogurt


Henna is used as a hairstyling product from a long time as it is known to give a natural look to your hair. Once you color the hair with henna it can last for about 3 weeks. In case you want to take the henna color out of your hair within this period, there are few steps that must be followed. You must just use yogurt and mineral oil to remove the henna color out of the hair. In case you are doing this for the first time, try to consult a hairstylist to get it removed.

First cover your shoulders and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol around your hair ends. Now take the mixture of half cup mineral oil and one cup yogurt in the bowl. Make sure to mix the ingredients in the bowl properly and start applying it over your hair completely. Then wrap the hair with plastic cap and take the blow dryer with medium heat. Use the blow dryer over your plastic wrap for about half an hour which will make the color to fade away from the hair. Next you can take the wrap from the head and rinse the hair using slightly warm water. At last use clarifying shampoo for washing your hair and rinse it gently again with warm water. Never use any type of hair color remover to get rid of henna color from the hair as it can spoil the look of your hair.

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