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Hairstyle With Flipped Bob


Flipped bob is a unique way of styling the hair that is short and most of the people like to try this on various occasions. You can follow different methods for styling your hair in this way. There are few celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle.  It is also one of the versions of sleek bob that can be styled with bangs. In this hairstyle, your hair must fall below the chin level. Try to hair rollers to achieve this look in your hair once it is cut short and also use the blow dryer. Try to cut the hair into a bob before trying this styling at home.

To create the flipped bob there are different versions you can follow like the first one where you must create layers in your hair that must fall below the chin and it must look straight. Then apply a small amount of gel over your hair bangs and try to create the flip at hair. Next option is to create a unique look that can be done by styling the hair with a cut that must be short as well as angled in front of your head. Spread a styling cream over the flipped hair ends which will help to maintain it in the same way. Another option is to get a simple and sassy look. Try to create more hair layers throughout the hair and this will help to prevent the hairstyling looking flat.

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