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Double Fishtail Braid


Double fishtail braid is a completely different type of hairstyle that can give a unique look for those who wear it. In this style there will be two fishtail braids over your head instead of a single braid that makes this hairstyle look good. This style can give a cute look if it is worn by kids and make sure the hair is long enough to create the braid. The hairstyle can be the perfect choice if you want to attend a special event like a wedding. Don’t use too much of hairstyling product on your hair before creating the fishtail braid as it can make it look greasy.

First make two sections in your hair and take medium sized part from both the sections of your hair. Then start creating the fishtail braid on both the hair sections by taking a section of hair at outside of your right part and crossing it over left section. Continue this way of creating the braid till you reach the end of your hair and then do the same with the other side of the hair section that was divided before. Try to pull your fishtail gently to make the fishtail braids look volumized. Then take both the fishtail braid behind your head and leave them to hang loose. You can also secure both the braids together at the back of your head using bobby pins which will make your hairstyle look really unique.

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