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Use Baking Soda For Washing Dreads


Dreads are considered to be difficult to wash and you must visit a hairstylist to get it washed. You must wash the dreads on regular basis to prevent any buildup over it which can weigh down the hair. You can also wash dreads at home to keep it in perfect shape, but using the right method is very important. The following are few steps that can help while washing your hair dreads with just baking soda and other ingredients.

You must have few items other items to wash the dreads apart from baking soda to wash your dreads such as lavender oil and rosemary oil in a bowl. Then take bowl of water and mix all these ingredients along with baking soda in it. Try to stir it well so they all get mixed in the right way. Now just pour this mixture from the bowl on your hair and make sure it gets applied from top to end of the hair. Once you have covered the entire dreads including the roots try to rinse it as usual. You can dry the dreads with a towel and avoid using other hair drying tools. The hair dreads will take more time to dry, but this is the best way to make it dry as other hair drying tools will cause damage to the dreads. After leaving the dreads to dry on their own for hours if you find any damp spots, try to sue blow dryer with low setting.

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