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Shaving Sides Of Your Head


Shave your head on one side can give a unique look, but to do this you must use a perfect technique. Normally this hairstyle is created by men and now a days even women want to achieve the same look. This hairstyle can easily give a rocking look if you style it in the right way. You can use an electric shaver and electric razor to achieve this haircut.

Try to wash the entire hair and gently massage the scalp with your fingers on the head side where you like to shave it. Try to comb the hair when the hair is slightly damp and take the hair behind your neck. Now create a simple part from where you will be shaving the head and secure the remaining part of your hair in place using a hair tie. Try to bush the hair once again that will be shaved and just assess the part to make sure that it looks as you wish. Start cutting your hair section that will be shaved using normal scissors about one inch in length. Once you have cut the hair with scissors, take the electric shaver for cutting the remaining hair that is left on your head. At last you can use a electric razor on the remaining hair left on the head after using the electric shaver. The electric razor will make your hair look even all over the head where it has been shaved.

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