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Maintaining Moisture In Bleached Dreads


Bleaching is a process that can cause serious damage to your hair. Mainly it can damage the hair very badly for those who have dreads. It is important to moisturize the dreads in the right way to maintain them in perfect shape after the bleaching process. There are several ways that can help to maintain the moisture in your dreads and the following method is very commonly used by many people.

First you must limit the washing time of your dread as repeated washing can take the moisture out of it due to the shampoo used during the process. Whenever you want to wash the dreads with shampoo, try to rinse them properly using warm water. Also don’t forget to deep condition the dreads once in a week as it can maintain the moisture in your dreads and even dehydrate your hair as well. Try to dry the dreads in a natural way without using any heat styling tools. Use the leave-in conditioner to mist the dreads if you want to use a hair dryer to make it dry fully. Getting your dreads chamomile rinse can make it look bright and also keep it conditioned. Also stay away from chemical treatments that can strip the moisture out of your hair as it can also lead to hair breakage. Consult a hairstylist for using the right hairstyling products on your dreads after the bleaching process to keep the moisture in it as usual.

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