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Steps To Keep Your Extensions Intact


Hair extensions are normally worn by people to change their hairstyle without touching the natural hair. But most of them fail to maintain it properly when it is not in use. There are special ways to store your extensions perfectly, so they remain intact for regular use. The hair extensions can become tangled if they are not stored properly and also reduce its lifetime. Consult a hair specialist if you have problems in maintaining the extensions properly in your home.

First you must wash the extensions only using a shampoo specially made for this purpose. Never leave the hair extensions that has product build-up without maintenance as it can create tangles in it very soon that can lead to breakage.. After the washing process makes sure that the hair extensions are completely dry using a towel or hanging it on the hanger till it becomes damp free. Now you can take the extensions and keep them in the plastic container or plastic bag. Make sure that the storage place for the extensions has more space, so they remain intact. There are also special containers that are available to store the hair extensions safely at your home. Then you can keep the container with extensions in a place where it stays away from sunlight to prevent it from getting dull. Whenever you think there is build-up in your hair extensions, try to wash them using the shampoo to have a long life for your extensions.

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