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Steps To Apply Clairoxide 40 On Hair


Clairoxide 40 must be used carefully as it is one of the powerful developer which will enter into your hair quickly. It is always important to include a developer while coloring your hair. Mainly when you are using the Clairoxide 40 developer, you must give extra care as it is known to be much stronger than other developers. You can follow these simple steps to get your hair colored at home. If you are coloring the hair for the first time, try to consult a hairstylist to prevent any damage. Clairoxide 40 can be really damaging to your hair if it is not applied over the hair properly.

First you must protect your hands by wearing gloves and take 4 oz Clairoxide developer in a bottle. Then add 3 oz colorant gel in the bottle and mix it well by shaking the bottle. Now comb your hair to make free of tangles and cover the shoulders with a cloth. Start spreading the mixture in the bottle all over your hair from root to end and make sure it gets saturated completely over your hair. Let the mixture stay on your hair strands for half an hour which is the normal time to get it processed into the hair. Next you can rinse your hair using warm water and apply a small amount of hair conditioner over the hair. This will help to seal the color over your hair strands along with moisture.

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