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Jaime Pressly With Ivy Haircut


Jaime Pressly has a unique style that is known as ivy haircut which looks almost similar to a crew cut. You have to follow a proper method to achieve this haircut where your hair over the top of the head will look long that will be side parted one side of your head. You can also make this hairstyle look like a pompadour in front of your head. There are also celebrities who get this type of haircut on regular basis. To get this haircut you must visit a saloon and then style it as usual at your home.

The hair will be cut uniformly over the head and the shape of your hair depends on your choice. But the hair in front of the head will be slightly longer than other parts of the head. Those who want to have straight and little wavy looking hair can get this haircut as it will give them a neat look. Some of the people also wear this hairstyle in different ways like long hair strands on top and slightly shorter variations of hair around the head. You can either brush your hair at one side of the head or even comb it forward in front of the head. If required also taper your hair into short that can be brushed to the sides by applying a little amount of gel. Consult a hairstylist and follow the best technique to get this haircut on your own.

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