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Hairstyle With Upswept Bun


Upswept bun is a hairstyle that can give a unique look and it is normally worn by women to look simple. Most of the kids like to wear this hairstyle as it can be achieved easily and stay in place for a long time. You can create this look with any type of hair by sitting at home without using any special styling tools. Just use the normal tools available in your home to achieve this look and wear hair accessories that match your hairstyle.

Many celebrities like to wear the upswept bun as it can give them a beautiful and yet simple look. To create this bun, first you must clean the hair by washing it and dry it using a cotton towel. Then comb your hair gently and mist it with a detangling spray. Brush your hair once again to spread the spray through the strands and to make it free from flyaways. Take a small part of hair and try to roll it using the plastic straws which are easily available. Secure it in place with the help of bobby pins. Use the same technique on the remaining hair parts using the plastic straws. Let the hair dry on its own completely and if possible try to take the straw out of the hair in the next morning. Now take your hair to create a ponytail near your crown and try to wrap it around itself for securing it with the hair band.

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