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Scrunched Hair Updo


Scrunched hair updo is a beautiful way of styling your hair and it is mostly like by the celebrities. In this style you will have a messy looking updo that can be created on your own without any help. Use your daily styling tools to get this updo and make sure that your hair in fully dry before moving out with it. Don’t forget to wear hair accessories that look good with this hairstyle and also wear a dress that matches the updo.

To get scrunched hair updo, first you need to wash the hair and maintain the hair little bit damp. Then apply a gel on the damp hair and dry it using a hair dryer. You must also flip the hair upside down and scrunch it with your fingers during the hair drying process. Now your hair must have the wavy pattern that is very much helpful in making this hairstyle look good. Now your hair must be completely dry, so try to mist it with spray and take the entire hair near crown of the head holding it in your hand to create the loop that will be secured using a hair tie. Now your updo is ready which will look simple, so try to wear hair accessories that look with it. Most of them prefer to wear it with a fascinator as this will make it look really unique. If required mist the updo again with a spray to prevent the flyaways.

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