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Folic Acid And Its Affect On Hair


Folic acid features vitamin B that is important to fight various medical problems that occur in human body. If you have the deficiency folic acid, it can also lead to problems in your hair growth. The folic acid is available various number of food items and it is a must for all the people. According to a research, folic acid is also known to prevent many diseases that are common among the people in the present world. So in order to make your hair grow strong and healthy, try to maintain folic acid in your body as per the requirement.

Folic acid is known to promote your hair growth as it is capable to renew cells which are supportive in growing your hair. If you face deficiency of folic acid, it can also lead to hair loss and premature graying. There are a number of food items that features folic acid which includes beans, citrus fruits, wheat bran, legumes and juices. You can also find it other eatable such as pork, liver, poultry, whole grains, leafy vegetables and more. Make sure to consult a doctor before consuming foods with folic acids as it is important to prevent any kind of side effects. Some of the people who face depression are known to face less folate level in the body and those who have low levels of folate are known to be more depressed. Also don’t overtake the items that feature folic acids without consulting a doctor.

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