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Ways To Take Dye Out Of A Wig


Most of the women like to wear a wig as it will give them different types of hairstyle without touching their natural hair. Some of them even color their wig using a dye to change its appearance after applying it over the hair. Sometimes when you apply dye over the wig it can look bad and it can be difficult to get rid of them. It is not possible to remove the dye from the wig as it can just be lightened. There are few things that can be done to lighten the hair dye on your wig.

First take the wig and rinse it with cold water. Try to keep the wig under a tap and make the water to flow from top to end of the strands for a minute. Then place the wig away from water and use 1 tbsp wig shampoo over it. Avoid using the normal shampoo that is used on your hair over the wig as it can affect your styling process. Once you have covered the entire wig with the shampoo, try to rinse it again to make the dye wash away. Leave the wig to dry normally, but make sure that the shampoo is completely removed from the wig or you have to rinse it for than once. In case this method fails to take the dye out of your hair, consult a hairstylist. Also avoid using bleach on the wig as it can spoil them.

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