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Jennie Garth With Tapered Haircut


Jennie Garth has got a tapered haircut which will give unique to for anyone who have achieved it. The haircut will be in the shape of the head which will make it smooth and sculpted. You can get this haircut only by visiting a hair specialist as you need to use the right styling toll and technique. But with some experience you will be able to get this haircut at home. Decide the length of your hair before using the electric razor.

To start try to comb your entire hair using a normal brush and make sure the hair lies flat over the head. Apply a small amount of water by misting it over your hair and keep electric razor over your longest hair length for running it over the hair. Use another guard with your electric razor for using it over the same sections of your hair and try to keep it near the bottom for getting a closest cut. You must angle your razor back and try to gently move up towards your scalp to make your haircut look longer to achieve the tapered look. Try to use the razor for cutting the hair to get the tapered look and spritz the entire hair again with water. Finally analyze your entire head which has been cut with the razor and if you find any length hair, try to cut it using cutting shears. Make sure the entire hair looks same all over in a perfect shape.

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