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Create Curls From Root To Hair End


Creating curls in your hair can give a great look, but it can be difficult to create the curls from your roots. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those who have naturally curly hair. With the following method it is possible to make the hair look curly from root to end over the head even if it is long without weighing down.

First pull out a section of hair about one inch over the roots and take the curling iron. Now place the curling iron at the bottom of the hair and rotate it slightly. Next pull your curling iron gently towards hair shaft to let your hair freely flow through. Use the same method on the remaining hair shafts at least three times and leave the curling iron in this position for just thirty seconds. After reaching end of the hair gently take the curling iron out of your hair and make the curls fall on its own. Now you can lift the hair from roots and mist it with a hairspray which will prevent the hair from getting weighed down. Make sure to mist the hair with the spray which is very important to maintain the curls properly at the roots of your hair. At last flip the head for applying a small amount of gel all over the hair roots. Finally spritz your entire hair strands with a finishing hairspray which will make the curls look shiny.

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