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Spiral Permanent Styling Your Hair


Spiral permanent are usually used by women who have straight hair to make them look curly. You can easily create spiral curls by rolling your hair over the rods which is the simple way of styling the hair. In order to use the spiral permanent you have follow a proper technique to get the hair rolled. You must consult a hairstylist without fail before using this method for styling your hair at home and don’t forget to maintain the hair damp.

First wash the hair using a shampoo and continue with the damp hair which is easy to roll. Then divide your hair into sections in one inch using the rat-tail brush and secure them separately with clips. Now take one of the sections and wrap the perm paper from bottom of your hair. Keep your perm rod at the end of your hair and wrap it from the end in spiral motion. Make sure that your hair is properly placed over the rod without overlapping it. Gently roll your hair towards your scalp and secure the rod in place using a clip over the head. Then take another section just over the first hair section and use the same technique with the perm rod. Once you have rolled the entire hair section over your head with the perm rod, try to mist it with water. Let the perm rod stay over the hair section as per the direction from the hairstylist.

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