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Straight Hippie Hairstyle


Straight hippie hair can give a simple look, but it can be easily maintained by anyone who wears it. Hippie hairstyle has been worn by many people from the 1960s and it is still worn in different variations which includes straight, wavy, curly and more. With few simple styling techniques you will be able to achieve this straight looking hippie hairstyle.

First you must take top half hair for securing it with a clip and begin the styling from bottom half of your hair. Take a straightening tool and pull out half inch hair section for using the straightening tool. Avoid moving too close to your scalp as it can cause damage and let the tool stay on hair for few seconds. Try to move the tool from top to end of your hair only once and take another section of hair to use the same method. Once you completely straightened your entire section at the bottom try to take the top section that secure earlier. You can use the same technique of straightening your hair which was done with the bottom section. At last make a center part in the middle of your head and the hair must fall on both the sides of your head. Then take an elastic headband for placing it over the forehead with the hair hanging under the band on both the sides. You can use a hairspray to mist the entire hair to complete the styling process.

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