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Steps To Use Goldwell Highlift On Hair


Goldwell highlift can give a natural blonde hair as it features 5 levels of lifting your hair color. It is available with 4 blonde shades that can give a superb blonde looking hair along with a toning hair. One of them is Topchic HiBlondes that is really gentle on your hair and it can also make the hair look shiny. You can select this product to highlight the hair and even color the entire hair.

First you must select Goldwell highlift which looks similar to the color of your hair as it is available in different shades. If you are not able to find the right shade, try to visit a hair specialist to select the once suitable for your hair. Next you have to mix your color with the Topchic Lotion in a bowl in a ratio of 2:1. Try to apply the mixture over your hair using a brush and first try to do the strand test by spreading it over a small hair strand. Then you can take a small section of hair and start applying the mixture over it without touching the scalp. Let it stay on your hair for about 1 minutes and then move onto other section of hair. Leave the color over your hair for half an hour and rinse it using warm water to end the process. If you have not got the desired color on your hair, try to leave the colored hair for a longer time.

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