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Textured Chop Haircut


Textured chop is a unique haircut that can be achieved easily and you can also style your hair after it has been cut in this way. The hairstylist can give you this haircut within few minutes and if you want to get this hairstyle try to get some practice of cutting your hair. You can just sue the normal scissors to get this haircut at home and apply wax at the end of your haircut. Refer few photos with textured chop hairstyle before cutting the hair on your own.

The textured chop is a perfect hairstyle that can be worn by both women and men. Mainly if you have a square-shape face this hairstyle can be the right choice as the hair will be long on top when compared to the sides of your head. This hairstyle can make your face look long and even make the eyes more attractive. You must create the short layers near your crown and it will also be textured within the hair. The hair must look shorter near the sides of your head and it must slightly become longer as you move towards the top of the head. Make sure to maintain your hair length at least 3 inches long on top and remaining part of the hair can be lesser than that. Once you have completed the cutting process try to apply a small amount of wax all over the hair which will make your hairstyle stay in place.

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