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Hairstyle With 40s Curls


Creating a hairstyle with 40s curls can give an outstanding look for anyone with medium to long hair. You just need to use a curling iron to achieve this look which can be done without any help from a hairstylist. It is a perfect hairstyle that will be suitable for a special occasion like wedding. You must also have other items to get this style done such as a hair conditioner, volume shampoo and a hairspray. Brush your hair near the crown over the head to add more volume into it before starting your styling process.

Begin your hairstyle with a cleanly washed hair using a volume shampoo and apply the hair conditioner properly. Use a hair dryer to make your hair dry completely and make a side part. Now take one inch hair section and brush it for removing knots. Then take the curling iron and secure it at the hair ends before moving it gently towards the scalp by rolling the barrel. Keep the barrel at least one inch away from the scalp as it can cause damage. Let the curling iron stay over the hair section for a minute and release it slowly. Then you must mist the hair with a spray and use the same technique on the remaining part of your hair. Once you have created curls all over the head, try to finish it with a texturizing hairspray and brush the hair only with your fingers.

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