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Treating Your Gray Hair With Copper


Having a gray hair can be disturbing for most of the people as it will make them look old. One of the best ways to cover your gray hair is by coloring them. But you can also prevent them by consuming copper rich foods. The gray hair can occur due to various reasons such as stress, genes and more. You can easily treat them by eating food having copper content in them. In case you have any health issues that lead to gray hair, try to consult a doctor.

The first option would be eating shellfish and few other meats that feature copper. Mainly fish as well as meat are known to feature more copper than other eatables. If you are not willing to eat meat, then try out other options such as beans, peas and nuts that are considered to have more copper content. There are also other food items that contain copper like potatoes, wheat, cereals and even fruits including peaches, raisins as well as chocolate. Try to consume at least 8-10 ounce water as it is known to feature copper that is good for treating gray hair. You can also mix foods that have copper with other recipes to be a perfect option for making it a perfect diet. Try to consume as lot of copper content on daily basis as there are no limits for this. But make sure to consult a hair specialist or doctor before consuming foods that have more copper content.

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