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Tyra Banks With Straight Layered Wig


Tyra banks is wearing a straight layered wig that is really simple way to style your hair. Instead of touching your natural hair, just purchase a wig from the store and style it in this way. But you must be able to cut the wig into layers to get this hairstyle. Also consult a hairstylist before purchasing the wig so it can be cut in the right way without getting damaged. While cutting the layers in your wig make sure that it is not thick and mist it with water while starting your cutting process.

To cut the wig in this way, place the wig over the mannequin or on the head. Then pull out half inch layer from your wig in the front and start cutting it across your face. Next move to the sides and pull it straight up over the head for cutting at the center. Now pull your wig away from head and take half inch layer from your ear just at the back of the front section. Then take the middle hair part up over first section and cut it similar to the first one by pulling it gently up. You can cut the hair in this way to achieve the layers and secure it along with the natural hair. Comb your hair just down at the end and make sure it looks even at the back. Finally wash it again and dry it using bonnet dryer before wearing it over the head.

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