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Take Out Keratin Glue From Extensions


Keratin glue is used on the hair extensions which are normally pre-applied in solid form. The extensions will be applied by just keeping it over your natural hair and then melting keratin glue with the help of hot iron. You have to follow a proper method to take the keratin glue from the extensions using a solvent. You must use acetone to start this method of removing keratin glue over the extensions. Make sure to consult a hairstylist if you are trying this method of removing glue from extensions for the first time.

First comb your natural hair as usual on top to view the extensions which will look like plastic. Then take the extension and start applying acetone over the keratin glue. Keep the rigid pliers over your hair extension and gently squeeze to create a break on your keratin glue. Now you can rotate extension clockwise and use your pliers over the crack of keratin glue once again. Continue this process till the keratin gets removed from all over your extensions and twist the extension using your fingers which will remove it completely from your natural hair. Try to begin your styling process by wearing a gloves as you will be acetone to remove the glue which can get stuck in your hands. Avoid using any products that are harmful for your hair and the extensions as they can cause serious damage to them which will be difficult to recover.

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