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Ways To Convert Relaxed Hair To Perm


Are you trying to change your hair from relaxer to perm, it is important to follow the right method. The relaxer is normally used to make the hair straight and the perm is used to create the curls in your hair. So you are going to change the look of your hair from one to another, you have to follow the best technique. The best option to get this styling is to consult a hair specialist as they can provide you the best option without damaging the hair. The following ways are the best way to get this look naturally without any tools.

First you must grow your hair long which is the natural way of changing your hair from relaxer to perm. It is not possible to perm your hair which was undergone the relaxing process before or after that, so try to cut your relaxed hair to grow your hair long enough to use the perming technique. Another way to achieve the permed look with the relaxed hair is to cover the hair with a wig. You can select the best wig suitable for your head and achieve the perm look without even loosing the original relaxed hair look. If possible to get help from a hairstylist who can suggest other ways to achieve the perm look with a relaxed hair. Once you have achieved the perm look, try to maintain it in the right way to keep it in its original structure.

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