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Steps To Use Color Charm Product


Color charm from Wella is a product that can be used to style your hair in a unique way by coloring it. This product allows you to get a new look in less than 20 minutes. It is one of the most professional hair coloring products that are available with a reasonable price. You have to follow a proper instruction while using the color charm for coloring your hair. Make sure to purchase the color charm from the store and also consult a hair specialist before starting your coloring process. Don’t forget to do a strand test before applying the color throughout your hair.

First take color charm of 1 oz in a bottle and mix color developer of 2 oz as you have to maintain it in the ratio 1:2 for getting your hair color look good. Now shake your bottle to get the products mixed properly. Then you can wear hand gloves before starting your coloring process and make sure to spread the color gently throughout your hair. Let the color stay on the hair strands for just 20 minutes to get it developed perfectly over your hair. Get the hair rinsed normally using warm water and avoid using the shampoo during the rinsing process. Next you must use a hair conditioner over your entire hair which will help in maintaining the hair perfect without drying. Then you have to rinse the hair once again and dry is as usual.

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