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Add Volume To Your Hair After Washing


Maintaining a voluminous hair can be difficult as it will lose its effect once you have washed the hair. If you volumized hair, it will look really thick and fuller. There are various hairstyling products that have been specially developed to create the volume in your hair. These products can be the best option for applying it over your hair after the washing process to maintain the volume. Those who have thin hair can also try the following technique to make it look voluminous. If possible try to consult a hairstylist to know the better ways of using the following method.

First try to wash the hair using a shampoo before applying a conditioning product. Both shampoo and conditioner must be developed specially for adding the volume into your hair. Then you can select one of the volumizing products which include gel, root spray, hair thickening cream, mousse and more. These products must be applied only near the roots of your hair and avoid using them in the remaining hair strands as it can weigh them down. Next you can bed down to make the hair fall down and use a blow dryer from root to end of the hair. Try to use your fingers near the roots during the blow drying process and gently massage them. On the remaining hair strands try to use a normal round brush which will help in adding the volume into your hair long with the blow dryer.

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