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Cameron Diaz With Straight Hair Flipped Out


Cameron Diaz is wearing a straight hair that is flipped out giving her a beautiful look. Most of them want to make their normal straight hair which is short to look unique and this style can be the right choice for them. It is the perfect hairstyle that can be selected by the people who have medium to short hair. Try this simple technique to get this look at home without spending any money. Consult a hairstylist if required before starting your hairstyling process and make sure to be careful while using the blow dryer.

To start the process, first you need to clean your hair as usual and apply gel throughout the hair from top to bottom. Then dry the hair with a blow dryer and make sure to apply only normal heat along. Also use the round brush with your blow dryer and start creating the curls only at hair ends which must come out of the hair. Gently slide your round brush over your hair and place nozzle of your blow dryer over the brush which will create curly look in your hair during the drying process. Continue this method over the hair to achieve the flipped out look all over. If possible you can create a curve at the hair end using the curling iron which will really make your hairstyle look amazing. At last mist the entire hair with a standard spray which will add shine to your hairstyle.

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