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Steps To Color Your Sisterlocks


Sisterlocks is a hairstyle features a new type of locking the hair from your scalp till the end. The hair will look like flowing waves from top to end. You can make this hairstyle really unique by adding color to it. But you must be really careful while coloring the sisterlocks. The sisterlocks can look like a bunch of hair when it is not colored properly. Try to refer few photos with colored sisterlocks to know which one will be perfect for your hair.

It is always better to apply color over your hair before styling it into sisterlocks. Next you must select the best coloring product for your sisterlocks. Before applying the color throughout your hair, do a test by using it over one of the locks. Then you can spread it over the hair from root to the end without separating the locks. In case you have applied the color before creating the sisterlocks, it is important to touch the locks later. Once you have colored the entire sisterlocks, leave it for half an hour to one hour which will get it saturated easily. Next you have to moisturize your hair and apply a hair conditioner all over the hair. Make sure to following the moisturizing as well as conditioning process without fail whenever you apply the color over the locks. While washing your hair with a shampoo, the color may fade slightly so you have to be careful during this process.

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