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Three Ways To Make Honey Hair Shampoo


Those who want to wash their hair using a natural ingredient, they can try to prepare their own shampoo using honey. Honey is the best choice to make you own homemade shampoo that can be perfect for treating the hair naturally. There are a number of items that are used to make the honey shampoo which can help to make the shampoo within minutes.

The first option is taking half cup castile soap and half cup water in a bowl. Then add one cup honey in the same bowl and mix them properly. Now you can use this mixture as shampoo on your hair and rinse it as usual after ten minutes. The second option is taking 1/4 cup honey in a bottle and mix two tbsp liquid soap. Then include two tbsp water in the same bottle along with 1 tbsp witch hazel in the same bottle. Try to mix them perfect in the bottle and add one egg along with 1 tbsp wheat germ oil as well as 1 tbsp rosewater. Shake the bottle once again to mix all the ingredients properly and apply it over the hair as a normal shampoo before getting the hair rinsed. The third option is adding 1/4 lukewarm water in a bottle and 1 tbsp honey along with 1/4 tbsp lemon juice. Mix all the items together and apply it over the entire hair. You can use it over the hair and avoid rinsing it like a shampoo.

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