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Shakira With Straightened Wave Nouveau


Shakira with straight wave nouveau looks really great and you can also achieve the same look without touching your natural hair. Most of the time the wave nouveua looks curly or wavy, but you can also wear them straight to look unique. You can easily make wave nouveau to look straight to along with texture using a normal styling tool. The straight look on the wave nouveau will be on temporary basis that can be achieved with a flat iron. Avoid using the hot flat iron on your hair when it is damp as you can cause serious damage to it.

To start, purchase the flat iron along with the ceramic plates with normal temperature settings. The best temperatures for flat iron is 350 degrees, but try to apply the heat protectant spray without fail over the wave nouveau hair strands to prevent damage to your hair. Then pull out a small part of hair and secure it into the clamp of flat iron. Pull the iron from top to end of your hair and apply some pressure while getting to the hair ends. Continue this way of styling the hair all over the head and once you have made the hair straight try to style as per your desire. Consult a hairstylist before proceeding with this hairstyling process if you are trying this method for the first time. Finally mist the hair with a finishing spray to complete your styling process.

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