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Styling Your Hair Using Drabber


Drabber is the best option to deal with the hair undertones that appear after the lightening process. You must add the drabber into the hair color for the best lightening process. There are different brands that offer this product for mixing it along with their hair color. To use the drabber follow this simple method. Consult a hairstylist to know how much drabber to be mixed along with the hair color and developer. You can test it yourself by mixing one part of the drabber in the beginning.

First take a developer in the bowl and mix it along with hair color. Make sure these products are mixed properly in the bowl and select the drabber that will be used which includes light and dark. The light drabber can be used on the light brown hair color and the dark drabber will be used on the black or dark brown hair color. Now you can add the drabber in the bowl of mixture and start by mixing only one part of drabber. You can include at least three parts of drabber into the mixture of developer and hair color. Next apply the mixture over your hair and cover the head with plastic cap. Once you have reached the desired time, try to take the plastic cap out of the head and rinse the hair normally. If you still find any hair undertones, try to mix more drabber into the mixture and apply it over the hair once again.

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