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Ways To Assess Dead Hair Follicles


Hair follicles are the most important part in the process of your hair growth. In case you have damaged or dead follicles in your scalp, you can follow a proper method to rectify this problem. There are few ways you can find out whether the hair follicles on your scalp are dead. After assessing the hair loss, it you are still not able to find the exact reason for this try to consult a hairstylist or a doctor.

First you need to look for the reason behind hair loss as there are different things behind this problem. In women, the hair can occur after childbirth even it is not permanent. Among men, this can be the reason for baldness that is permanent and treating this problem is simple. You have to treat the scalp in the right way to prevent or slow down the hair loss. Try to look for areas where you have lost the hair on your scalp and if you also find any fine or soft hair over the head it can be due to the damage in hair follicles. In case you find the hair growing again where it was previously lost, it can be due to vellus which is the sign of good follicles on your scalp and they are not really dead. Also look for the places over the head that have no growth sign of hair as you cannot grow back the hair in these areas without undergoing surgery.

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