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Steps To Color Hair After Pixie Cut


Having a short hair can be very easy to maintain, but if you are trying to add color over it you must follow a proper technique. Mostly if you have got a pixie haircut, the hair will be long over the head and short at the remaining places. Coloring the hair after a pixie cut, first you need to select the color suitable for your hair. Make sure that your colored pixie haircut is able to make your style look bright.

Start by washing the hair and conditioning it as usual and dry it using the blow dryer. Then take half cup of bleach and mix it along with 20-volume developer in the bowl. Try to mix both the ingredients properly and it must look creamy. Now apply this mixture over the hair without touching the scalp of your head with the help of applicator brush and then you can apply it over the hair roots. Let your color mixture stay on the hair for a minimum of half an hour and try to wash it again with a shampoo. Don’t forget to use the hair conditioner after the shampoo process. Next you can use the toner over the hair with your fingers and leave it on for 5-10 minutes to get the best tone color on your hair. At last wash the hair again for one last time with the shampoo and apply the hair conditioner to complete the coloring process.

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