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Bella Thorne With Emo Fringe


Bella Thorne is wearing an emo fringe which is a unique way of styling your hair. This hairstyle will be able to give a completely amazing look when it is styled in the right way. You can match this hairstyle with a unique dress to make it look beautiful hairstyle. It is important to cut the hair in a right way to achieve the emo fringe in your hair and anyone can get this cut at home itself than visiting a saloon.

To get Bella Thorne emo fringe, try to clean your hair and maintain it slightly wet during your styling process. Then brush the hair towards downward just above the forehead. Try to hold the hair which will be used to create the emo fringe separate in your hand and start the cutting process at an angle from left side of your head. The hair must be cut in an angle to create the dramatic look after the haircutting process. Now hold your middle finger and the index finger just over the fringe part to cut it gently. Take a small amount of hair gel in your hand for applying it over the section and gently spread throughout the hair. You can use more gel in your fingers and apply it at the end of your hair which will give a spiky look. You can also leave the hair ends without applying the gel, but to get the emo fringe look you must try to spike them.

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