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Maintaining Dreads With Touch Up


Dreads are considered to be a hairstyle that needs very less maintenance. As the hair continues to grow even after the dreads are created, it needs regular touch ups to maintain the original shape. If you fail to do a touch up to  dreads, it can give a bad look to your hairstyle. With a simple touch up process for the dreads, you can maintain their original look for months.

First you must wash the dreads a day before your touch up and make sure to use residue-free shampoo only. Then you must make the hair tight near the scalp as the hair will grow out from this place. Try to follow the finger rubbing method where you must pinch hair near the scalp and use a rubber band to keep the newly grown hair in place. Then take your loose hair near the scalp and just rub it gently in clockwise direction for ten minutes. Next take a hair wax for applying it over the hair near the scalp which was rubbed. Whenever you try to wash the dreads, it will look frizzy which can be controlled by spreading a small amount of hair wax. Make sure to use too much of hair wax on the dreads as it will make them look greasy. Also avoid sleeping with the dreads on when they are damp as the drying process after washing them can be longer. Always try to dry your dreads naturally without using any hair dryer.

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