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Hairstyle With Soft French Braid


Soft French Braid is a simple looking hairstyle that can give a great look for anyone with medium to long hair. It is normal French braid hairstyle, but with a softer look. You can either get this hairstyle done in your hair with the help of a hair specialist or follow this method to get it done at home. Many people want to create a beautiful looking hairstyle and this one can be their choice.

First divide your hair into three inch parts over the head and make sure they are free from tangles. Then keep the thumb finger over your left section and do the same over right side section as well. Just turn your finger over the head and take in the right hand over middle part of the hair. Use your right thumb finger to take one inch hair section across your head from the hairline by moving near your middle hair section. Now take middle section of hair tightly in your hand and make sure that the hair taken from each hair section lies flat over your head. Next move your finger over the scalp to take the left part over middle part of your hair and attach it with the right hair part. Now the hair section from left hand must be taken across your head and hold middle section tightly with your hand. Gently turn your hand towards the scalp and continue the same till you reach the end of your hair.

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