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Treating Your Hair With Kerastase Aqua Oleum


One of the best product for treating your hair is Kerastase Aqua Oleum that has been developed to enter into the hair very deeply. It features avocado oil that helps to nourish your hair and jojoba oil for moisturizing hair. This product is also best for treating a damaged hair and even a color hair. You can purchase this product with four glass vials that can be used for single application. While using this product on your hair, try to avoid the roots as it can make it look oily.

First you need to wash the hair using a standard shampoo and make sure that the hair gets rinsed completely. Then dry your hair using a towel and try to pat it gently. Now take the lid of the product by slightly pushing its nozzle down and use it over the middle part of your hair. Continue the process of misting the hair all over the hair in the same way as the middle part and stay away from the hair roots. Try to brush the hair with the help of wide-toothed brush which will be useful in spreading the product to the entire hair from top to end. Finally rinse the hair with normal water and apply a hair conditioner throughout. You can follow this method if the length of your hair is long and those who have short hair must use only half vial for application and apply it over the hair once in three weeks.

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