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Ways To Use Brass Banisher On Hair


The hair brassiness usually occurs in your hair after the lightening and highlighting process. So you can try to use a brass banisher to remove the tones such as orange, red and gold from your hair. The product can neutralize the tone and even balance the hair color. The following the best way to use brass banisher to remove brassiness out of the hair. Make sure to do a strand test after mixing the product in a bottle before using it all over the hair. The strand test is important if you are trying this process for the first time.

First purchase the brass banisher product from a store and it will feature develop cream, conditioner, anit-brass gloss, etc. Also make sure to follow the instructions that will be provided along with the product. Then take the developer in a bottle and add anit-brass gloss in the bottle. Try to mix both these products together perfectly and wear hand gloves. Next you can apply your mixed product over the hair from top to end and leave it on for about five minutes. Avoid spreading the product over your skin and it must be applied only over the hair strands. Now you can rinse the hair as usual and apply a shampoo to wash it further. Finally you can use the hair conditioner that is available with the product over your hair. Then rinse the conditioner from hair and try to style it as per your wish.

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