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Styling Layered Hair With Hair Dryer


Layers in your hair can give a great look, but maintaining it can be hard time. So the best option to style your hair layers is with the help of a hair dryer. You can follow this technique for drying your with layers using the hair dryer. It is important to use the hair dryer in the right way to prevent any damage to the hair.

First you need to apply a hair straightening product on your hair when it is damp and distribute it evenly from end to top. The take half inch hair section separately and secure the remaining hair with a hair tie. Now take the hair dryer with medium setting and brush the hair normally. Start drying your hair from the root and don’t go too close to your scalp as it can damage it. Next keep your hair taught using a brush and move the hair dryer from top to end of the hair. Try to use the hair dryer from front section and move towards the back which will make your drying process faster. Then you can change the hair dryer setting to cool and start using it over the hair by combing it with the brush. Now take another half inch hair section and continue the same process using the hair dryer. End the process by misting the hair with a spray as it can be the best option to keep the flyaways controlled perfectly.

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