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Methods To Remove Tangles From Wig


A wig is the best option for changing the look of your hairstyle without affecting the natural hair. Whether it is a synthetic wig or human hair wig, there are chances that it can get tangled. There are different ways to remove the tangles from a wig, but the best way would be using detangler product. You just need to use few styling products to take the tangles out of the wig.

First spread a little amount of leave-in conditioner whenever you are washing the wig. Use a wig clamp for keeping the wig in place and then start combing them with a brush to remove the tangles. Just keep canvas head over your wig clamps which will sturdy the base of your wig during detangling process. Mist the wig with detangler hairspray and if possible try to apply it along with a hair conditioner. You can also take the tangles out of your wig by brushing it using the fingers which normally depend upon the thickness of your wig. Try to use any kind of brush while combing the wig, but always use wide-toothed brush if you have a curly wig. Your fingers can also be the best option for combing the wig hair if it is lengthy. Brush the wig from the ends and gently move towards the scalp area. You can continue to comb the wig till it becomes free from tangles, but don’t put too much of pressure.

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