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Remove Static Electricity From Hair By Brushing


Static electricity can give a hard time for your hair during cold dry seasons where the hair strands will stand up at the end. This can be a serious issue for many as there will be crackling sound heard while brushing the hair due to static electricity. Brushing the hair along with the static electricity can make this problem much worse till it gets treated with proper techniques. Washing the hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioning it is important.

First take a spray bottle filled with water and mist the hair with it slightly till you see the dampness over it. This will help to reduce the static on your hair and keep it calm. You can also use your wet fingers to rub the hair which will keep the static out of the hair. Then brush your hair and mist it again with water to tame the flyaways. Avoid using hairspray during this process as it can increase your problem. After brushing the hair, just use the dryer sheet in case the static remains on your hair and it can also be done if you don’t want to see the static again on your hair. Always wash the hair with a moisturizing shampoo which will help to keep the static from your hair and this is important mainly during the winter seasons. Also apply a hair conditioning product on your hair after the washing process and rinse it again as usual.

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