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Using Color-Renewal Mask From Riflessi


Riflessi is available in different shades which are the best option to color your hair and even condition with minor changes in your look. The color-removal mask from Riflessi can easily blend away with gray hair and revive your damaged hair by adding shine to it. You can apply this product on hair will just consume 5-15 minutes which is perfect option for natural and color-treated hair. Try to purchase this product from a hairstylist or a store and make sure to follow the instructions carefully to use it in the right way.

This product can be used like standard hair conditioner and wash them as usual. First apply Riflessi on your hair and brush it with a comb or using your hands. Let this product stay on the hair for about 10-15 minutes which normally depends on the color you want on your hair. Those who have damaged hair must leave this product for fifteen minutes and to change the color of your hair on temporary basis, leave it on for just ten minutes. Then rinse the hair completely before styling it as usual. This coloring product will not give a permanent solution for your hair, but it will stay on the hair for six shampoo washes. There are no disadvantages of using this coloring product on your hair, but try to consult a hairstylist before trying it. Don’t forget to read the instructions before proceeding with the hair coloring process.

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