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Steps To Cover Clip On Hair Tracks


Clip on hair can help to achieve the look you want to create without touching your natural hair. Most of the time, the clip on are available with bangs that will be attached on your head. But adding the clip on hair can be difficult as it you can see the tracks if you fail to attach it properly on your head. There are special ways to cover the tracks of your clip on hair.

First take the clip on hair and remove the tags and clips attached to it. Then arrange the hair pieces with your hands and take the pieces separately using the alligator clip provided along with the clip on hair. Gently brush your hair in places where you will be placing the clip on hair. Just flip the hair upside down to see the comb and just press it to get it open. Now keep your open comb over the teased hair and slide the clip on hair over your head gently. Also press the sides of your comb for securing it and arrange the clip on hair with your fingers. Try to take the clip on hair from the clip and cover it with your natural hair. Make sure that your clip on hair tracks are covered properly with the natural hair and brush it gently to create volume. Tease your natural hair until it cover the tracks on your head and style it using your fingers.

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